Facebook Using Hashtags Get More Traffic

June 14th, 2013



As some of you probably already know Facebook has started using hashtags. A hashtag is basically a symbol (#) that allows others to see what you are saying about that particular topic. For example if you search for #NBA on facebook you will see what others are saying about the NBA. It is basically of making Facebook a more social network, something twitter and instagram already use. Hashtags will allow you to get more exposure on your particular topic.

The Power of Networking and LinkedIn

March 13th, 2013

The importance of networking

I have a lot of people asking me, how did you get to where you are, why are you successful, what does it take to become you? ….Alright I might be over exaggerating on the last question I don’t have too many people ask what it takes to become me. Anyways, the number one reason I have got to the place I am now is because of the power of networking, specifically social networking. The normal saying is “it takes money to make money”, well “it takes friends to make friends” is also a quote I like to live by.

In this industry you can not rely on just being smart, sure it really really helps but it’s not all you need to know. You need a certain set of skills, first you need to be respectful. If you are a complete asshole you will have a limited amount of friends. In this industry friends are key, you can bounce ideas off them, you can ask for support, and you can also gain a ton of knowledge from them and at the same time you should also be giving them the support and knowledge they are giving you. In the end you are making money from people, not from the computer. Friends will help you learn how people work AND how the computer works.

There are tons of people starting companies, and others looking for work. If you are starting a company you are going to want friends or trustworthy people that have been in your network for a while to work for you. You don’t want a random person being a big part of your company right off the get go, as first impression is key. Now if you are on the other end and are looking for work. Maybe if you have been trustworthy and proven your set of skills to somebody in your network they will be willing to help you out and get you a job – or maybe get you a job with somebody in your network.

To start networking I suggest getting a LinkedIn account. I have made countless connections and look forward to connecting – Cord Marston on LinkedIn

Creating Dynamic Landing Pages With Bing Param1 and Keywords

March 10th, 2013

Dynamic Bing and Prosper202 Landing Pages

I’ve had a few affiliates ask how they can make dynamic landing pages depending on the keyword. For example, if you are sending traffic to a food offer and your landing page states “Get Free Food” you might want to be a bit more specific. Somebody might have searched for free bananas, and not wanted free food in general. You will want your landing page to state “Get Free Bananas”. This is how you would do it:

  1. Go to the “Keywords” section of your ad group and select the keyword you will like a dynamic landing page for.
  2. Whatever you put in param1 will be whatever shows on your landing page. So for this example I will be entering Bananas in the parm1 slot.
  3. Next, you will want to setup your landing page in prosper202 how your normally would. After it’s all setup you go to the “get links” section in prosper202. Do everything you normally would and then when you get to the end it will ask you to enter C1-C4 values. In C1 you will enter {param1}
  4. You will have to edit your landing page. At the top of your landing page before your HTML source code you will want to add this if statement. The purpose of your if statements is so that if you don’t have a param1 value, that it will show your default value, instead of showing nothing. Basically, the code below means it’s going to get the c1 value you set to equal param1 above, if the value is equal to nothing, then it will set the value to food. You do this because you don’t want to be saying “Get Free (nothing)” Instead you will say “Get Free Food” even if there is no param1 value.

    $mainTerm = $_GET['c1'];
    if(empty($mainTerm)) { $mainTerm = "Food" };

  5. Next, you are going to need to display your param1 value. To do so enter the following php wherever you want to show the param1 value to show.
    [php]<?php echo $mainTerm; ?>[/php]

There you go, please feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

Setting Goals – If You Aim At Nothing, You Will Hit It Every Time

March 8th, 2013

Goals Quote of The Week

It is very important to set goals in the affiliate marketing world, and this quote pretty much says it all. If you are strictly out there trying to make $100 / day with no plan, and no milestones to get through to achieve that goal, YOU WON’T DO IT! You need to set small goals on the way to your main goal. For instant, if your goal is to hit $100 / day, you can not expect to hit that over night. Your goal should be to make $10 / day for the first week, next week increase it to $20 / day, and then so on until you hit $100 / day (No I am not setting your goals for you, just trying to give you a rough understanding of how I do it).

Take the time to really sit back and think about your goals. They are important, and someday, you will be setting goals for other people.

Goals and Dreams Quote

How To Setup Prosper202

March 5th, 2013

Prosper202 is a self hosted PPC / PPV tracking system. It is by far the best free tracking solution out there. Here is how you would setup prosper202 on your server.

  1. First download your copy of Prosper202 here
  2. Find and extract the file you have downloaded.
  3. Use an FTP program to upload the files directly into the root folder of your domain. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t believe prosper202 can be ran on a subdomain. The files you are going to want to upload look like the ones below, there may be a few differences depending on what version you have.
    Prosper202 Upload Files
  4. After uploading your files you are going to want to create a MySQL database as well as a MySQL user. In cPanel you will click on the link highlighted in red below:
    mysql prosper202
  5. Once you have created your user, your database, and given your user full permissions on that database you should be able to go to your domain where you installed prosper202 and fill in the input boxes to match the information. If for some reason your domain does not work with the auto-installer you will have to rename your 202-config-sample.php file to 202-config.php  - Within that file you will have to update your database name, username, password, and maybe even change localhost to the correct location of your MySQL database. For any further help feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.


$50 in Free Advertising on Bing.com

February 27th, 2013

BingAds is my favorite PPC platform so far. It has good volume, decent CPC’s, and gives you a free $50 coupon when you start. From my experience, the best offers to promote on Bing are offers paying from $3-$7 and it is a must that you use a landing page. The reason I say it is a must to use a landing page is because Bing gives you a quality score based on the offer you are promoting. Using a landing page will greatly increase your quality score and allow you to get more clicks / impressions. To get the free $50 Bing coupon follow the steps below:

  1. Create Bing webmaster account for your website.
  2. Add a website, and verify you own that website.
  3. After verifying your website there will be an email sent to you with the coupon, as well as a notification in the top allowing you to claim the free $50 coupon.

Note, you may only use the coupon once on your Bing account, trust me I tried signing up several times, from seperate companies / accounts and it will only work once.

Facebook Something Went Wrong

October 10th, 2012

Is Facebook turning into Myspace and Twitter with all of the down time? I used to remember Myspace having problems all the time and since switching to Facebook I haven’t had a single problem, well besides them automatically giving me a timeline. After trying to check my notifications I came across this page, and it has been doing it to me ever since.

facebook something went wrong

The Feeling of Getting Unexpectedly Paid

October 4th, 2012

dollar-sign-2This morning before starting work I was going through my personal email address unsubscribing from all of the junk mail I get. After unsubscribing from over 50 spammers from dog treats to just lenses I came accross one from an old site I used to use, Affexpert.com – Plenty of Fish Spy Tool.  I was a little confused but I opened it up only to find I had been making commission off of the sales I had been generating them from. Now, this wasn’t a huge amount at all but it was still such a random and good feeling to make money for basically doing “nothing”!


New Project : Pallet TV Stand

July 22nd, 2012

So lately I’ve been looking for some make-shift furniture and cool things to build, well because I’m a guy and guy’s like to build things.

When visiting a friend’s brothers apartment I saw a TV stand made out of pallets, the thing was interesting and cool looking:

TV Stand Pallet


So – on my way to building this, among many new projects that I will post as I go.

Kim Dotcom’s “Mr. President”

July 21st, 2012

This is one of the greatest, and most worthy of sharing videos I have seen in a while. Watch for yourself, and keep sharing!


Kim Dotcom was arrested for many “file sharing” sites and has basically lost it all and going to prison. This is his attack on Obama and his way of giving the world a big F-U for doing something that everybody does, he was just at the top.


You can read more about the Kim Dotcom music video here.