Cord Marston

Cord Marston

Full Stack Developer


Sample Projects:

Z Networks Dashboard

Z Networks Dashboard

The Z Networks Dashboard is all-in-one web software tool that allows Z Networks to offer a completely custom IT experience.

The dashboard consists of many tools and systems including:

  • Helpdesk & Ticketing
  • Employee Timeclock
  • Client Device Management
  • Billing - Invoicing, Send / Recieve Payments / Inventory
  • Human Resources - PTO / Payroll / Employee Management
  • Client Mapping & On-Site Scheduling

PHPMySQLjQueryJavascriptGoogle API

Z Networks Dashboard V2

The Z Networks Dashboard was rebuilt utilizing modern frameworks so that onboarding developers would be easier and work would be streamlined.

The newer version consisted of a sales CRM allowing a sales team to manage all of their leads communication including calling, emailing, scheduling all in one place. The system also incorporated websockets to speed up notifications along with a collaborative text editor allowing multiple users to enter information into the same document at the same time.


Z Networks CRM Screenshot was designed to experiment with NextJS and sharpen Git skills. The application uses NextJS alongside React to display the frontend. The backend consists of a postgres database and prisma as an ORM.

The site isn't finished and still needs OAUTH to be finished (currently only Google login works), data validation, rate limiting and much more. It's not necessarily a tool for the public to use but something for me to develop in my free time.


Android Car & Truck Wallpaper App

Designed a car & truck wallpapers Android application. The application features a custom admin panel where the admin can add & remove wallpapers. All wallpapers are stored on the server and dynamically load into the app with ability to sort by category, most popular and image size.

The application has 1000+ downloads with users setting one of the wallpapers as their mobile background over 20,000+ times.

Over the course of the applications time being live adjustments have been made to include monetization and analytics. On average, the application passively generates $20 a month.

This app was removed from the Google Play store in 2021 as they no longer allowed this type of app, and I had no time to support making changes to it.


Android Car & Trucks Wallpaper App Analytics is a personal blog I do for fun. The site has a custom built wordpress theme off the Hueman framework. In my spare time I like to tinker with the SEO, layout, ad placement and such. The site started to take off in early 2019 when it started getting over 100,000 users a month.

After getting traction the website has been featured on Dotesports, Kotaku and other esports industry leading websites.

Not only does post news articles related to gaming, it also has a historical database of social media growth of popular esports teams and players. The database uses Facebook, YouTube, Twitch & Instagram APIs to pull social media statistics for brands to track growth.

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Powerstroke Customs

Powerstroke Customs

Custom built a website for a friends local business. The website utilizies Wordpress as a backend with Woocommerce to sell diesel / automotive products.

The website was fully customized by implementing layout changes to the "Business Street" theme.

Website uses Woocommerce for selling, Contact Form 7 for emailing, SMTP2GO to bypass shared hosting email settings, and a few other plugins to fit the business owners needs.

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