Cord Marston

Cord Marston

Full Stack Developer

Z Networks Dashboard

Z Networks Dashboard

The Z Networks Dashboard is all-in-one web software tool that allows Z Networks to offer a completely custom IT experience.

The dashboard consists of many tools and systems including:

  • Helpdesk & Ticketing
  • Employee Timeclock
  • Client Device Management
  • Billing - Invoicing, Send / Recieve Payments / Inventory
  • Human Resources - PTO / Payroll / Employee Management
  • Client Mapping & On-Site Scheduling

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Android Car & Trucks Wallpaper App

Android Car & Truck Wallpaper App

Designed a car & truck wallpapers Android application. The application features a custom admin panel where the admin can add & remove wallpapers. All wallpapers are stored on the server and dynamically load into the app with ability to sort by category, most popular and image size.

The application has 1000+ downloads with users setting one of the wallpapers as their mobile background over 20,000+ times.

Over the course of the applications time being live adjustments have been made to include monetization and analytics. On average, the application passively generates $20 a month.

JavaPHPMySQL Analytics is a personal blog I do for fun. The site has a custom built wordpress theme off the Hueman framework. In my spare time I like to tinker with the SEO, layout, ad placement and such. The site started to take off in early 2019 when it started getting over 100,000 users a month.

After getting traction the website has been featured on Dotesports, Kotaku and other esports industry leading websites.

Not only does post news articles related to gaming, it also has a historical database of social media growth of popular esports teams and players. The database uses Facebook, YouTube, Twitch & Instagram APIs to pull social media statistics for brands to track growth.

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